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Brand Marketing for Televised, At-Home Shopping

Take your product further with brand marketing and other services from Product Central, LLC, in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Our brand development and marketing team does everything necessary to make your products and services a success on QVC, one of the world’s biggest networks for televised, at-home shopping. With more than 35 years of combined experience and personal ties to the network, we are the right choice for anyone wishing to put their brand on QVC.

Choose QVC to market your brand and watch product sales soar. Their network boasts a dedicated consumer base, with 95% of customers returning to make another purchase. 95% of buyers also intend to re-order the product. Overall, the network has a 95.8% customer satisfaction rate, making it the right place to sell everything from hair care products to outerwear.

Marketing Strategies Tailored for QVC Customers

Consult with a team that is committed to your products’ success. We develop a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored for QVC customers, as well as a complete script for the ad. Securing the on-air talent and handling QVC relations are also taken care of by our talented staff. The video production is in the hands of our people from start to finish. We also manage distribution and sales and create a plan for the continued success of your brand on QVC.

Our differentiated process is achieved through our expert knowledge of consultation, navigation, and negotiation through all areas of QVC. No one knows success at QVC better than us, and no one else can provide you with the same level of corporate infrastructure, as well an expertise in TV production, direction, scripting, and on-air strategy.

Make Up

Preserve Brand Integrity While Reaching New Clients

Ensure your brand integrity is preserved while it is marketed through the QVC network by working with us. We identify your brand’s DNA and translate it to QVC-speak to ensure viewers respond well to your marketing. Your brand integrity is preserved through identifying points of difference, target audience, and desired perception.

Over the years, our firm has successfully marketed and produced more than 100 brands, driving over $1 billion in revenues. From small start-ups to Fortune 500™ companies, we have built profits and brand awareness through direct response exposure, hard-hitting metrics, and strategic planning. Reach out to us today to learn more about we can do for you.